Wicked World

Title:Wicked World
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :41:00
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WICKED WORLD is like nothing you have ever experienced. Grant Ekland (Barry J. Gillis) is a dirty cop, with a checkered past that endlessly haunts him. His woman is murdered by a serial killer named Harold (Eddie Platt) who slaughters countless numbers of humans in the city of Toronto, Canada, before finally being locked up and sent to a mental institution. Now many years later, Harold is set to be released back into society, and Ekland hopes for a final showdown with his arch enemy. Nightmares clash into a brand new reality, as Ekland faces a host of problems and obstacles that he himself must overcome, if he ever hopes to face the murderous serial killing madman, and set his own inner demons free.

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Suzi Lorraine,

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