Ghost House

Title:Ghost House
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :39:00
Genre:Horror, Thriller
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On the arrival in Thailand, the Americans Jim and his girlfriend Julie hire the polite chauffeur Gogo and his van at the airport. They sightsee Bangkok and learn the legend of the ghost houses, miniature houses where spirits peacefully live and do not haunt the living. Then Jim proposes Julie to marry him with an engagement ring. They meet the British Robert and Billy in the hotel lobby and are invited to celebrate their engagement with them. Robert summons Jim to visit a fleshpots and Billy stays outside with Julie. When they leave the spot, Julie has an argument with Jim that is drunken and accepts Robert’s invitation to visit ghost houses at the outskirts. Robert wears Julie’s scarf about a doll’s neck and then he flees with Billy leaving the American couple in the middle of nowhere. Julie does not feel well and Jim calls Gogo to find them and take Julie to a hospital. However, when Gogo sees Julie, he takes her to a nearby village where his aunts live. Then they take Julie to a …

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Morris Ankrum,

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Scout Taylor-Compton, Mark Boone Junior, James Landry Hébert,

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